Finding the right snowboard length is certainly more subjective than ski length because it has a lot more to do with personal preference than ski sizing does. That said, there still is a standard method that can be applied and as always reach out to for any additional questions or concerns about picking the right snowboard length.

In the charts below you will see that some recommendations include two possible sizes. Here’s the gist of what that means:

  • If you choose the shorter of the two recommendations you will get more maneuverability in the trees and off-piste (that’s a fancy way of saying off the groomed runs) while still being stable on-piste. 
  • If you go with the longer of the two recs, you will get more effective edge providing you with even greater stability when you’re just out for a nice day of carving groomers. 

In the charts below, find your ability level, height range, weight range, and then get your size recommendation.


These recommendations apply to our Queen Bee and Myth (our Sojourner splitboard/solid, which is listed below the first chart). If you have any questions about a specific board, reach out to



Our Sojourner Splitboard and Sojourner Solid are our backcountry specific and powder specific snowboards. They featurea a scooped, rockered nose and swallow tail to keep you floating through the deepest of pow days. They have traditional camber underfoot and a progressive sidecut that provides for quick turn initiation and a stable ride. All that is to say you will have complete control no matter the snow conditions you encounter.


As always, if you have any additional questions about snowboard length or our snowboards in general, reach out to where we are happy to help.